Since the time the Qutone established in the year 2008, the company has casted an enduring impact on the Indian tile market. This is what the company always focused at and has astonishingly achieved success within a very short time period. Getting adapted to the innovative and creative approach is not what the company merely focuses at but to stand in the market with a firm and unshakable position is their chief aim. Unique and state of them are designs are proffered by them. The tiles available with Qutone are completely matchless and loaded with innumerable textures, patterns, shades, and colors. They are not only the manufacturer of tiles but also cater best in class solutions for walls. They are recognized and reputed as a well-known and reliable tiles and wall solutions providers. As a innovative and top notch brand, they have been rendering enigmatic and remarkable tiles with aesthetic designs. They have earned a lot of reputation for proffering premium and quality ensured tiles escalating your interior decoration.

Vision And Mission

Qutone envisions of drastically improve the Indian tile industry by developing the most futuristically designed tiles. Converting the vision into reality Qutone has always been at the forefront of innovation.
The company wishes to achieve customer loyalty through product innovation and cost effective business strategies. Lastyly it wishes to keep providing tiles that match the latest global trends and designs. 


Inspirations arise from an artistic and creative perspective. At Qutone, the company acts as a vital and crucial element in order to design tiles that can cast a long-lasting impression on the customers. The company keeps experimenting with the new and up-to-the-minute technology and materials that enables them to approach the industry of tiles with amazingly different and incomparable concepts. The roots of their inspirations are originated from the people, nature, movies, pictures, music, videos and everything that can contribute to enhance the decor of your home interior. Their ideas are different, aesthetic, and creative in each and every aspect. Their team members are highly proficient and professionally trained.