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Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl
Queen Mary Girl

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Queen Marry school is located in Rajasthan, Ajmer; the city which has been home to many dynasties, which came and left leaving behind indelible marks of their culture and traditions on the citys history, converting it to an amalgam of various cultures and blend of Hinduism and Islam.

It being a popular pilgrimage, it portrays a defined tourist image versus an intrinsic cultured home town for its citizens.

The school attempts formal exploration of the conventional school designs and addresses all the minute functional requirements with natural design solutions.

The context compiles, the client & his brief, site & its urban context and finally the architecture & issues it tries to respond to.

The client is a private body whos brief explained

Concept and School:

The concept addresses, the built and unbuuilt space balance, nature as a concern and contextualizing the deconstructed form into the history of ajmer architecture.

The school design seems complete only when dotted with the entourage of children taking over the entire space. It is this riotous and playful spirit of children bound in faint lines of discipline that charachterises the design of school.

Geometrically, It is an orthogonal site, which frames diagonally placed buildings, forming corner courtyards, looking into eachother.

Instead of one central large open space, it fragments the space into smaller functional spaces.

The underlining parallel drawn with the city is its continuous circulation. Corridors continuing into unremitting flight of steps and into the courtyard.

The flight of steps buffer the heat by wrapping around the courtyard, while froming a second skin to the building.

Arches are used as the major structural elements, aptly translated from the site context, and highlighted by keeping them in exposed concrete.

The walls and railings are offset from these arches, to further enhance the lintel beams becoming a design element.