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49 ProjectsHouse | Out House
Parul Mittal

By - Parul Mittal

DADA is a multi-disciplinary design firm offering services in architecture, urban design, and planning. The firm is led by four principals; each brings expertise in one or more practice area. The principals alone bring a cumulative industry experienc...more

Architecture, Interior, Urban/Town professional in Gurgaon

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4 ProjectsGourmet Gallery Restaurant
Dimple Kohli

By - Dimple KohliYear Established - 2011

A unique boutique dealing in designing & manufacturing of interiors and furniture founded by Dimple Kohli about two years back upgrading its services manifold by joining hands with designer Rahul &Gujan. In such a short time, Dimple has alrea...more

Interior, Industrial Products, Vastu/Feng Shui professional in Gurgaon

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105 ProjectsArmstrong
Mehul Shah

By - Mehul ShahYear Established - 1988

DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest & distinguished Architecture, Design & Master Planning firms in the India. Founded in 1988, we have delivered more than 2000 projects in over 30 cities. Providing professional services ...more

Architecture, Interior professional in Gurgaon

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38 ProjectsSingle Level Apartment Magnolias
H.S. Chawla

By - H.S. ChawlaYear Established - 1994

Essentia believes that good lifestyle luxury is not only for the ones born with a silver spoon. Everyone has a right to live his own lifestyle. Aware of this fact that everyone needs an artistic life Essentia develops designs which are a mirror refle...more

Interior, Industrial Products professional in Gurgaon

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18 ProjectsAdarsh Nagar
Any structure has eight corners always but as the name says it all, we are the 9th corner of any structure, the most important corner which is hidden but responsible for the beauty of all eight corners.9th corner inc., feels proud to introduce itself...more

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33 ProjectsTitan Company
Mr. Bhupendra Kumar

By - Mr. Bhupendra Kumar

Aeiforia Architects is mainly focused to provide a solution to the corporate interior requirement of their clients. Aeiforia Architects is one of the top architectural firm in Delhi and is devoted to make any area you ch...more

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Ais Glass Solutions

Year Established - 1984

Having an ascending player both in the car and building glass segment Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India's biggest integrated glass solutions company. Today it has a 77% part in the Indian car glass market. AIS was established 30 years ago in 1984...more

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Interior Design
Leila Erfan

By - Leila ErfanYear Established - 2013

Aria – The house of luxury interior design and architecture. From concepts to actuality, experience the world of design for your living spaces. With a passion to innovate , Leila Erfan harmonises Persian influences in contemporary settings.o...more

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44 ProjectsNayaks Apartments
Nirmal Kulkarni

By - Nirmal Kulkarni

AUM Architects is a collaborative architecture & design practice based in Gurgaon, New Delhi - NCR, India. AUM is the primal sound in space. Space is what we work with, what we give form and purpose to. The AUM sound reverberates through SPACE. I...more

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Lift And Slide Door
The brand of U-PVC Doors & Windows launched by EBS (Elite Building Solutions). AURA Doors & Windows are manufactured using the best technology available in profiles manufactured by VEKA, Germany. AURA has been launched as brand of Upvc Doors ...more

Doors And Windows professional in Gurgaon

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Contemporary Style Furniture
Sheena Khan

By - Sheena Khan

‘Chizzle’ is the designer furniture and interior solutions studio established by interior consultant and designer, Sheena Khan, who specializes not only in the designing of customised furniture and furnishings but also in providing creati...more

Interior professional in Gurgaon

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The Collection
Anupam Poddar

By - Anupam PoddarYear Established - 2008

The Devi Art Foundation has been established to facilitate the viewership of creative expression and artistic practice that exist in India. This not-for-profit space provides for innovation unconstrained by commercial limitations; to afford artist fr...more

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27 ProjectsHomes
Dinesh Khanna

By - Dinesh Khanna

Dinesh worked variously as a Calculator Salesman, Garments Quality Checker and a Busboy in an Upper Eastside Bar in New York in his early years. This rather confused career path was due to his teenage belief that if he followed in his Photographer Fa...more

Interior & Architectural Photography professional in Gurgaon

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Products By Eternity
We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and provi...more

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10 ProjectsDecathlon

Year Established - 2014

Global Green Design Studio is nationally recognized design build firm as full service in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, retail architecture, interiors, corporate offices, landscaping, Hotels resorts, Individual bungalows, farm ho...more

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