Priyanka Pradeep

Priyanka PradeepWith almost 10 years' experience in the field of Architecture, Priyanka is the Principal Architect in the studio. She did her graduation from APJ School of Architecture in Noida. Priyanka brings vision, energy, and structure to the office. She started her career as an Architect with Architect Hafeez Contractor, working with Hafeez's senior associate Late Arshad Ankolkar. After 5 years of work experience at Hafeez, Priyanka founded PS Design in 2009.
Priyanka loves to travel and feels the world is her inspiration. She carries back from her travels the global knowledge and style to world of design. With an absolute NO COMPROMISE strategy and an Eye for Detail, Priyanka has raised the work standards of the studio.

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Priyanka Pradeep