Praxis is a design practice based in Bangalore, that offers innovative architectural, urban planning and interior design services. We strive to translate every design brief into an experience that engages, educates and excites the end user. Our approach is holistic - taking into consideration issues of sustainability: both cultural and physical, sensitivity to the region we build in, and understanding the cultural nuances of the locale and incorporating them into our designs. Our design approach is best exemplified by the following statement from the jury at the World Architecture Festival, where our project 'Raas, Jodhpur' was awarded 'Holiday Building of the Year 2011'. 'We were impressed by this sophisticated response to the historic city. The master-plan and form are both modern and authentic to the place. Without aping the past, local craftsmanship is adopted and expressed in a contemporary language. The architects have produced a timeless building which is exemplary and uniquely Indian, and could become a role model for future development in India.'

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Praxis Inc. Architecture + Interiors, #18, Srinivagilu Main Road, Ejipura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560047

Phone:+91 80 22741249/+91 80 22741250

Owner: Ajit Jain