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Port Side Cafe was opened in the year 2007 providing a wide range of furniture like beds, sofas, tables, bars home and office accessories. Each piece is handcrafted and hand finished using innovative staining techniques. Bobby Aggarwal is the founder and designer, he provides exquisite craftsmanship with an elegant design of touch. Wood and leather are the two primary materials that provide functionality and style in the products. You will find an array of unique finishes and stitches, vibrant colors, bold treatments on leather, intricate details, and easy elegance in this unique furniture.

Every collection that you find in the store depends on various factors like the vibrancy of the colors around you, pulsating streets, the humming, architecture, music etc. The vision what they see is adding zest to your home with the insertion of an impartial piece in your living room while another in bedroom and at last in dressing room. The whole idea is to work for small modules then combining to form big one. Instead of taking the entire space on one style they focus on dividing the designs according to the type of room independently.