Pooja Gangewani

Pooja Gangewani?Always passionate about Design and History and believe?s? ?Success is not accidental, it?s Designed?. Graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design in 2015. Since then? Pooja has ?worked ?on multiple commercial projects relate to elevating image of the brands.

?She has been majorly working in graphics and print and have also worked solely in other design fields like Interiors, Product, UI/UX and Fashion Design. ?Pooja? believe?s? in doing everything that challenges me as a ?designer. Before starting anything ?she ?take?s? time and care to understand the core objectives of your business and what the design is meant to help you achieve.

She does this simply to make sure that the design conceptualization matches with the goals and objectives of your business. With every job she? tr?ies? to put everything ?she? ha?s? into it. ?She is ?least in simply ?ticking the boxes? and churning out average designs. ?She want?s? to make sure that everything ?she? ?d?esign?s? is something that would be proud to get associated with as a part of it.

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Pooja Gangewani