Poesia is born thanks to the collaboration of Venetian glass work masters, which works with noticeable craftsmanship accuracy, and professionalism. This synergy enabled us to put forward innovation and surprise the market of glass bricks, with a range of handmade, fascinating products like glass bricks brightings combined with fancy, creativity and avant-garde technology.

Poesia brought to you by Italia Group, aims to propose a wide choice of art pieces. Beautifully colored and finishing, touched to make unique and enchanting every kind of environment, which could change the ideas and the planning work of designers and architects.

You can use these glass bricks within walls and floors from domestic use to shower screens, and what not...

Glass brick is often used as an architectural element in underground washrooms, swimming baths, spas and other areas where privacy or visual obscuration is desired, while admitting light.


Fire Resistant
A fire resistance certificate is provided in order to ensure fire resistivity.

Long Lasting
Glass bricks are highly durable and resistive against dusts, mould and chemical products (except acids).

Low Maintenance
To clean glass bricks simply use cloth moist-ended with water and rub smoothly on the glass surface.

Bullet Resistant
They provide solid bullet resistant glass bricks.

Em O Friendly
All its products are environment friendly.

Scratch Resistant
They offer glass bricks that are Mohs 7 certified against scratching.

Non- Toxic
Glass bricks do not absorb odors and liquids.

Weather Resistant
Walls are highly resistive when glass bricks install. They will assist you in the installation process and after it is installed it becomes highly resistive towards rain, snow, frost and wind.