‘Plydeal’ was launched in 1999, as a dedicated enterprise committed to providing top quality decorative veneers, plywood, laminates and allied products to designers and end users. A concept store devised by Vijay Sanghvi and Dinesh Jain, the showroom was conceptualized as a one-stop shop for the latest and the best choices in the world, bringing forward a whole new culture in interior designing. In a span of fifteen years, Plydeal has emerged a household name in the veneer trade, and is acknowledged for the wide variety and mersmerising range of reconstituted veneers. Our exclusive, yet exhaustive range of Indian and imported veneers showcase our assurance of quality and reiterate our commitment to you as a partner. Our reputation precedes us in the industry – not only are we looked upon as a leading dealer of veneer, we are also consulted in the capacity of seasoned veterans for anything veneer! It has been our humble effort to be the catalysts that fuels the demand and desire for veneers, and this effort has been amply rewarded by the atisfaction of our ever-growing list of clients. Our approach of considering veneers our philosophy, rather than a product, has helped us reach the pinnacle of the veneer trade.


An amazing variety of veneers, each unique in its own way. Just for the connoisseur!


Manufactured to international quality standards; certified by domestic and international authorities.


A fascinating display of some of the best veneer patterns in the world! Guaranteed to amaze you!


Knowledgeable staff to help you; a superlative service experience from selection to delivery!