Planet 3 Studios, a young, internationally award winning practice represents the vanguard of future-forward design in India. The essence of our way is to address the fundamentals through intense programming, offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom, keep it fresh and never lose the visual appeal. The focus is always on the context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents. We like to create designs that maximise the positive impact of design on the environment, use appropriate technologies & materials and source labour locally. 

Founded and led by Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo, the studio has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing eclectic portfolio of projects comprising institutional buildings, mixed use developments, high rise buildings, adaptive-reuse projects, housing complexes, colleges, schools, training centers, business process outsourcing facilities, corporate offices, banks, malls, retail outlets, resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, furniture and even industrial products.

Design Values
We are light on ideology and heavy on creativity and innovation. Not subscribing to any 'isms', we flirt with varied ideas before settling for one with the most relevance. We prefer solutions had that are intuitive, of equitable use, have flexibility, involve low physical effort, work within context and constraint, communicate ideas visually, are experimentally satisfying, conform to codes, demonstrate environmental sensitivity and importantly, enable future-forward concepts. The stylistic representation of the ideas is what is best suited for the situation. For us, for any design to succeed, a clearly articulated line of thought should bind it all together with dimensional interpretation that is consistent and careful. Added to that, a conceptual departure that in hindsight would appear almost intuitive.
Personal Details

Owner: Santha Mattto

Founded: 1998