Planct Off

Brand:Alessandro Zambelli
BrandAlessandro Zambelli


Material: Fiber
Typology: Wallpaper
Planct-Off is a waterproof wallpaper that tells us of a ?dual? universe where everything reveals much more than what is shows. In an imaginary sea world, the micro-organisms in water are transformed into utterly lifeless beings/objects, of similar shape, afloat at sea through human thoughtlessness. Just like the images, words also adapt to this transformation: so Planct-Off, the neologism created for this wallpaper, underlines man?s carelessness towards the environment around him. Alessandro Zambelli?s design even leaves room for a hint of wry amusement. The beings/objects in Planct-Off wear the cheerful colours of the ?Pop? look, and form regular patterns reminiscent of American fabrics of the 1970s.