Piyush Raj Ceo

Piyush Raj CeoPiyush Raj's exposure to Pinakin Patel's 35 years of experience, in launching India to the forefront of modern Indian luxury, makes him the apt resource to take Pinakin Retail to the next level.Three years of thorough tutoring from his mentor, MBA in marketing, and decades of international experience, equips him to rise to the challenge of innovating and reinventing Pinakin Retail.Piyush's infusion of global contemporary ideas along with his rich traditional artisanal, and craftsmanship experience, is set to fashion a never before look. One that breaks today's visual monotony to create something that's fresh, young and rejuvenating.He extends the company's Indian modern legacy to furnishing fabrics, carpets, lighting, wardrobes and interior accessories along with their existing furniture lines.Piyush also moves a step ahead with his impending introduction of a pret line of youthful, casual and witty pieces of furniture. This new line has the potential of being the emblem of the new generations as it embodies self-expression, rather than following the trend.

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Piyush Raj Ceo