Pinakin Patel

Pinakin Patel
Pinakin Patel Graduated In Chemistry In 1975 Only To Discover that his Heart was in the creative disciplines. By 1979, He Steered his life's course into a totally different direction. He travelled all over the world and particularly the entire length and breadth of India to update his Modern Sensibility with a thorough Understanding of India's Rich Heritage. He Opened A 100 sqft Shop Called 'Pictures' Which offered people creative picture framing.

In 1984, Pinkie Launched his own design store 'ETCETERA' - India's first lifestyle Store Where He Began to design his own line of furniture complemented by an Entire symphony of art, Textiles and accessories. All the products were based on modernizing Indian crafts. The store was a success and the innovative display won him interior designign assignments. Interiors Led to Architecture and pinakin patel associates soon became a leading design firm In the City of mumbai. Free Spirited Pinkie Couldn't Resist Other creative experiences that also began to flow in his way, such as journalism, photography, exhibition design, and even production design cinema!

"At the height of his popularity, In 2000, Pinakin shifted his firm from the hustle bustle of Mumbai to the quiet of Alibag. here, amidst The Spiritual Ambience of Nature his creative energies received great visibility and acclaim.

A bench designed by him. auctioned for the highest value at a fund raiser conducted by christie's. the national gallery of modern art invited him to create a show on 'Street Art' which revealed his uncanny understanding of contemporary indian culture. In the meantime, Pinakin started giving more and more of his time to community related projects including the designing of the museum gallery and the karl khandalawala wing at the prince of wales museum in mumbai. through paramparik karigar, He designed merchandise with craftsmen that would provide them direct business from design stores in the city.

In early 2005 pinakin launched his own line of furniture in a new store in Mumbai called pinakin'. by no'8 he had also earned the unique distinction of being the first crusader for the India Modern Aesthetic. He is repeatedly invited to speak on contemporary indian design at many an important educational as well as Professional platform.

Pinakin Patel - Architect, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Artist And Thinker Spends His Spare Time Learning Hindustani Classical Music and Reading Indian Philosophy. Together with his guru padmashri dashrath patel, founder director of the national institute of design, Ahmedabad, He hopes to achieve an informal Design institute for creative people from various disciplines that will highlight the inherent strengths of Indian Culture suitable for adaptation into a Thoroughly Contemporary Glogal Perspective.

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