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Piccolo offer you an impressive and colourful range of porcelain mosaics. These are used in floor and water covering for both interiors and exteriors of the house, office and many other places. With state of the art manufacturing facility they produce quality products from its manufacturing unit. You will find that the palette of colours and textures create a stunning effect. It comes in five sizes and six looks namely Moire with cloudy effect, Silk with satin effect, Velvet with gloss effect, Crepe with crackle effect, Denim with shading effect and Jute with grip effect. Not only these six they offer you 771 options to explore. It’s AQUA Collection of piccolo offers 231 options in 5 looks. This helps you to have more options for you swimming pool, spa or bathroom.

Unique Features

<.5% water absorption
Aligned | Modular
8mm thickness for better strength
Design Customisation
For better grip in wet areas
5 sizes in 73 colours for freedom customisation
Surface compatibility
8mm thickness
Size Compatibility
300x300 mm sheet size