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PERPAMSI Graha Jl. Dewi Sartika 287, Cawang , East Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

PERPAMSI as container association of water companies throughout Indonesia, representing all Regional Water Company (PDAM) since 1972, has a major role in:

  • Setting activities of donors, governments and investors with taps;
  • Providing the best solution to improve the performance of the company;
  • Dissemination professional business principles in the operation of taps;
  • Motivating PDAM to improve the knowledge, expertise and employee career planning

PERPAMSI main objective is:

  • Assist the government in charge of independence in order to realize a just and prosperous society with material and spiritual well-being evenly based on Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945, especially in the field of drinking water supply.
  • Develop and promote the operation of the water company based on the guidelines and regulations of both the existing and new in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding in meeting the needs of clean water for all people centered on the main Indonesia.Kegiatan facilities required for the development of strategies PERPAMSI: - education and training - regulatory statutes and regulations undangan- donor coordination activities, planning and dissemination of technologies / approaches new- implementation of the plans company- public relations program designed development PDAM--rancanang sertifikasi- data- collection and processing of promotions to attract potential investor- relations closely with associations serupa- campaigns for the use of clean water with the main purpose of drinking water supply by evaluating advantage PDAM- PERPAMSI activities for its members.

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