Why Peacock Life... you’d ask and we would begin to describe the embodiment of well-being an offer to sense... breathtaking beauty a cornucopia of lush colours, veritable pieces of paradise interspersed with harmony and peace... all so quintessential in further enchanting your surroundings.

A hidden exotic paradise and by the way that’s how we would like to remain... for the remainder of our lifetime at least, the young peacock life store has from the time of her inception in 2010 been translating... distinguishing and alluring the design sensibilities of three free spirited souls brought together...a mother and her two daughters... it’s alright... God has already been thanked.

Their energies so pure and abundant entwined together, takes flight in the peacock life store... with merely one thing in mind... YOU.

Their ideas flourish like weeds on a sidewalk... they peek out at you from between dense foliage... spaces so often geometric created instead with delightful contrast to sweeping lines, materials mimicking the contrast of light and shadow, furnishings playing with similarities and differences, strong forms and pure colours separating sofa tables and chairs...

deliberately chosen materials in peacock life transform into an experience perceived while re-establishing a connection to nature.

So why Peacock Life for the few that may ask again... and we would say because it’s worth it!

do visit us...

Personal Details


Owner: Shabnam Gupta