I am interested in those aspects of nature, human beings that transcend the historical moment and seem to always accompany us.

Within the Myth, we find the representation of these archetypes independently of their geographical location and the culture that produced it.

It seems that the “Thousand face” myth corresponds to one unique body. I search for that corpus, that map of significations, used in psychology since its beginning.

A common thread that has not yet been interrupted; so underground and invisible that everything appears rational and comprehensible. We have not unraveled the mystery, it remains behind us, ready to astonish.

I search for that surprise, a sudden resonance that can sometimes be frightening.

I consider myself an iconographer, the detail and the whole are equally important to me.

I realize my Macro Miniature weaving in, color, light and transparency, through a process, which witnesses a stratification of various techniques; from ebru to crayon; from oil painting to the digital medium.

I enjoy putting together distant aspects, seemingly irreconcilable.

Parama Libralesso grew up in Florence Italy; at six, following his family, he entered the Hare Krishna Hare Ram community, where he was renamed Parameshwar.

From this day onward, his life became a fusion of Italian - Indian, a “Renaissance gone Hindu” transformation.

By the age of fifteen, he left to study art and theater set design, and graduated with a classical Italian art background at the Instituto d'arte in Florence.

He then left for Venice, and began his training in the restoration of antique paintings and frescoes. Andrea Libralesso, his uncle along with his laboratories composed the masterminds behind the restoration of the Venetian monuments; here, Parama mastered the traditional techniques of oil painting.

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