Parama Libralesso

Parama LibralessoHe is a foreign artist but grew up in a Hindu community not far from Florence, Italy and that reflects in this work too. Parama (Paolo Libralesso) fuses European classicism with Oriental philosophies.

The location of the place where he grew up in Italy was an important XVI century mansion, called the Villa Vrindavana. The building housed a collection of symbols and elements from the Vedic culture, embedded in the spatial severity of the Italian Renaissance.

His childhood was spent in the absolute Hindu universe as his days passed praying in Sanskrit and having as heroes, Indian mythological models, such as Hanuman as Arjuna.

Such a voyage was instrumental to his growth and through the roots of his childhood they forever keep resonating within him. This particular environment generated a dramatic effect on his imagination, and forged the imprint of his inner world. He lived in a bubble whose reflections revealed fragments of a distant and ancient culture.

Parama graduated with a classical Italian art training in Florence, Italy. After which, he moved to Venice where he mastered the traditional techniques of oil painting. From there on, Parama has been working as a fine artist. In an exclusive chat, the artist spoke to us about his work and India connect.

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Parama Libralesso