Palladio provide glass mosaic that provides an exotic finishes on applications. They have served various markets and have a pan India presence with its own designing studios. They always are ready to assist and guide you to translate visualizations into reality. This has helped them to create goodwill in the market. They are now the most trusted and reliable player in the market. The core values with perseverance and persistence has led them to become one of the leading known brands in the mosaic glass industry. Due to its extensive palette of textures and colours a stunning visual effects in glass architecture is created. It offers more than 200 plus colours. They provide an exclusive range of mosaics like coloured gold, shinning and brillante with enamels first time into the Indian market.


Single colour used in any sheet is called Plain.


Two or more colours mixed together in any desired percentage and placed randomly on sheet is called blend.


A series of colours placed from dark to light or vice versa is called gradation. This effect can be given either vertically or horizontally. Ideally the height (or length) should be of atleast 7 ft.


A pattern made of multiple modules in horizontal or vertical direction. Each module is a complete unit by itself. Border is largely used in combination with Plain/ Blend/ Gradation.


Aligned is the one where the glass mosaics are placed in a grid and follow a Aligned pattern.

Semi Hand Cut

is the one where 2x2 cm mosaics are hand cut and used in half / tringular / quarter shapes along with full size mosaics. These mosiacs may be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Artistic is the one where mosaics move along the direction of drawing and are not in a grid format.


A pattern made out of arrangement of horizontally and vertically, wherein each module is of a at least one sheet size i.e. 30 x 30 cm.


Designs prepared on special software to create desired picturesque effect.


Solid Colours
    The range comprises of 65 colours in wide range and some with international shades. The bright colour that it provides adds a cheerful choice.


Marble Glass Mosaic
    The range comprises of 7 colours having natural, irregular and colourful texture that provide a marvellous effect.


Scintillating Effects
    These mosaics are manufactured using the latest technology and transparent glass with special additives consisting of metal oxides and enamels. These mosaics with avventurina and enamels enhance the beauty of the house. From its luminous colour it gives an exuberance colour. The range comprises of 48 colours.


Iridescent Effects
    The Iridescent glass mosaic sparks high gloss and colorful refractive power. Shining strengthens glossy quality and the refractive power of Brillante and Vitreo. This is because of the "alchemic" process applied during the fusion of glass, flux, metal oxides and combining silica sand. Shinning gives an intimate impression to the observer. They provide a range of 40 colors to choose from.


Smalto Mosaic
    A Smalto mosaic is a type of mosaic originating from the modern production technology and natural raw material. Hence they are available in various colors which give the observer rich and suave look.


Midas Touch
    The gold leaf between the plate glass and the fine sheet of transparent glass gives hues to the gold. This range of Aureo is brought in collaboration with the prestigious Orsoni firm. The range of Gold glass comprises of yellow, white, copper and many other colours that enhance the beauty of the design. The range comprises of 17 colours.


Luminous Crystal
    You will find the high precision of STRASS Swarovski Crystal that transforms light into kaleidoscope of color. Its Colored glass tesserae when used with STRASS crystals give multiple reflections and colors which creates a luminous effect.