Pag are an Indian brand for premium interior designer hardware and exterior architectural hardware & services which enables better homes and institutions. They have 32 years of experience and are now the market leader in all the segments of hardware range. They are headquartered in Mumbai with more than 100 employees, 1350 dealers and 45 distribution and franchise outlets across the country that enable customers to get the availability of the products at the right time at the right price.

They are the part of Shakti Group since 1981 that offers a wide range of architectural hardware with strict quality standards and packaging.

1. Product Warranty

Each and every product is tested before coming into the market. They provide minimum 1 year warranty on all its products.

2. Service & Availability Centers

They have a large number of service centers across all major cities of the country. They always believe in attaining the highest level of customer service.

3. Collaborations

They believe in providing top quality products and services to its customers. Some of its collaborations with the international suppliers and manufacturers are-

1. Stanley (USA)
2. Salice Paolo (UK)
3. Ferrari S.P.A. (UK)
4. Linea Cali (UK)
5. OmpPorro (UK)
6. Grass (UK)
4. Information & Training

Its catalogs are preferred all over India by architects and designers. Detailed information of the products is given into this catalog.

5. Enduring Bond

They create a strong bond with its customers, employees, distributors, dealers, franchisees, suppliers and stakeholders.

6. Consultancy

They offer turnkey solutions and consultancy services to builders, architects, consumers, professionals & government projects on all hardware requirements.

7. Research

Their main strength is its research and development team that enhance the design and development to meet customers need and demand.

8. Quality

They are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 quality systems that help in maintaining high standards during the production.

Their Mission
To bring you the world's finest technology and designs in Hardware and make it available to the most remote region in the country.

Their Vision
To develop and introduce quality products and technology in hardware to suit the durable and aesthetic requirement of this generations lifestyle. 

Their Goal
To provide quality, availability, range with competitive prices by manufacturing, importing or sourcing.

Their Promise
Delivering strong relationships, stable commitments, long-lasting working environment, new products and competitive prices.
Our research & development team has the ability and meticulous service with consciousness is our core strength and in the future we will further enhance the design and development to meet the needs of the general customers on the hardware products to always provide complete solutions.

Maintaining high standards with regards to products, processes & service ability is what provides us the competitive edge. PAG is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 quality systems
1.ISO Certification
PAG is a ISO 9001:2000 certified which has gained the advantage of stabilized management and process systems.

2.Product Certifications
PAG products are certified with the required test certificates and having own factories proves to enable gain certificates for any product customized or developed.