Redefining bathrooms
If you are looking for innovative bathroom ideas you need to contact Oyster. It was formed by Pankaj Bansal, J.S. Sethi and Dinesh Garg to cater the need and demand of its customers in bath products. With innovative ideas and dedication towards the work the trio has taken the world by storm by constantly delivering the quality products. They are known for their innovative techniques in bathroom designs and quality. Since 2003 they have secured a leading position in the bathroom industry providing creative and stylish furniture at competitive prices. The products are widely accepted worldwide because of its unique features and designs. Different components are required to create your dream bathroom. They provide beautiful flawless finishes components in order to make your dream bathroom look beautiful and elegant. From bathtubs, shower enclosures, shower panels, faucets, swimming pools, multi-systems to accessories, they cover everything to offer you at any time and at any place. They have a strong network of over 250 dealers across India and efficient after-sales service. Today, they are an iconic brand in the market.

It’s the design and style that makes the product innovative. If you want to bring this type of quality at your home into the bathroom and space then they provide a wide range that combines quality with style. They have a team that consist of designers and highly professional people that provide superior manufacturing and designer style. Some of its products are shower enclosures, bathtubs, swimming pools, faucets, shower panels, multi-systems and related accessories.

Design Philosophy

They are known for delivering high quality and magnificent designs. Being an innovator they always try to give innovative and designer products to satisfy the need and demand of its customers. These are some of the traits that make them strong and stand apart from rest of the brands in bathroom furniture and accessories.


They use latest technology to ensure fittings are installed properly and maintained even in hard water and low pressure. You will find that many of many of the great engineering advances in tap, multi-system, and bathtub manufacture were originated by Oyster. The ozonator in bathtub destroys viruses, bacteria, mildew etc. that purifies your water to make you fit and healthy. Many of its products contain innovative safety, water and space. These saving features help today in bathroom to have more space of taking bath. Each piece that is created is designed by creative designers with full excellence and dedication. Each piece is the culmination of a lengthy development process involving some of the world's leading designers. The result is excellence in form and function.


They have a team of highly experienced and creative professionals who are the real heroes of the company. The eminent designers, artisans, researchers and other proletarians at Oyster can handle any type of project and are committed to offer best of their services. They also offer turnkey packages for interior designs in residential and commercial markets. Each product made by the team is distinctive in design and creativity.


They have a staff of 150 backed by support team and a wide range of 250 dealers to provide services and products to its customers in any part of the country. They provide world class fittings followed by an excellent after sales service. Combination of all these attributes makes the brand unique and competitive in the market.