Orpat is a group of companies based in Gujarat, India, with both national and international presence. The company manufactures diversified products in various ranges. They have a state of the art manufacturing plant quipped with high tech machinery and latest technology. Its strong R&D team continuously work with strong commitment a dedication in order to produce innovative products. With full devotion and pledge at the other end the team show a strong credence in delivering values in terms of innovation. Shri OdhavJibhai R. Patel is the man behind the success story of Orpat. He stated with a small group with limited number of people and offerings as of now they have become a known brand in the market with more than 3000 people working and offering a wide range of products with presence in national and international market. Today, it has 450 depot and 50000 retailers to reach Indian market with a reach over 45 countries worldwide.

Orpat is an ISO 9002 and 14001 certified company assuring quality process, quality products and quality management systems. Quality assurance processes and quality control processes are properly designed to ensure superior products. Packaging processes are well designed and carefully executed to protect the products and make it secure and safe.

Solutions Through Innovation

Ajanta Pvt. Ltd. is world's largest clock manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The company has now diversified into widest range of Plastic Pallets and Crates under the Orpat brand. They have a strong R&D team and 160 injection moulding machines. The international standard tool room is spread in an area 3 lac sq. mtr.

With a rich experience in supply chain management and logistic sector they know where plastic pallets are required more in. The plastic pallets are used in automotive and engineering sector, food and dairy sector, hygienic application in pharmaceutical sector and export packaging.

Social Responsibility

At Orpat you will find 90% of female employees working making it a unique organisation. This is one of the examples of social responsibility. It is often seen that females suffer from "Glass Ceiling effects" in a typical Indian corporate culture. They are among few who have given work opportunities to females to run the production plant. Hardly you find any company giving such types of opportunities to its female employees. These are some of the unique steps that company takes to make them stand away from other brands in the market.

Some of the social activities that they are involved in are-

  1. A comfortable and pollution free working environment where employees get inspired to work with zeal and passion.
  2. They are highly supportive to its team and partners with the motto "Together we can".
  3. They are committed towards sustainability values of making the environment green and safe.
The "Orpat Charitable Trust" was started in 1993 for the betterment of people. The Trust started with a noble cause fulfilling the basic requirements of life of the earth.

Water Irrigation:
This plan states that an area of 6240 hectares across 10 villages is to be irrigated. With proper planning and hard work of the villagers and workers have increased water levels in the wells from 30% to 40% increase in agriculture produce.

Afforestation:The team is working hard to plant trees on the land despite the difficulty of rainfall and frequent drought. They are continuously working to make the land greener forever.

Animal Husbandry:
They have set up 14 treatment camps for animals and 800 centres for animal fodder.

Intense training is provided to in the form of working methodologies to sizing and design that ultimately benefit the customers. Women Self help Groups are given training for household industries, animal husbandry and for bakery production techniques.

They have organised 45 meetings at village level, 10 awareness camps and 3 conventions for farmers till now.

Company Values

Their Values
    Values are valuable at the verge of visibility. Their values "LIVE ORPAT" will well enlighten our philosophy and performance in the world

    L Leadership
    I Integrity
    V Value for quality
    E Ethos

    O Originality
    R Responsibility
    P Passion to deliver creativity
    A Accountability
    T Time

Their Vision
  • Be one of the largest players in the Electronics Industry with total in-house production processes
  • Become the highest employment provider in Gujarat by providing equal employment opportunities for the upliftment of the needy people
  • Remain pioneers in Quartz Technology and manufacturing of Calculators
  • Harness the latest technologies for simplification of processes and rapid expansion
  • Become India's largest manufacturer of the household electronics products


They work towards sustainable development in the daily business activities and operation with more than 4000 employees working for the group. They understand the responsibility towards the society, environment, investors, customers and suppliers. It has developed world class manufacturing plant with quality measures in order to minimize pollution and by-product generation. They take care of the health and safety of its employees.