'Orkus' is the flagship LED brand of Compact Lamps Private Limited under which the company has rolled out an array of exclusive LED products that include LED Bulbs, LED Panels, LED Spot and LED Tube lights, among many others. Right from its inception in the year 2003, Delta Electronics the parent company of Compact Lamps Pvt. Ltd. has crafted its success story to emerge as one of the leading manufactures in the lighting industry under the astute leadership of Mr. Kapil Gupta.

Mr. Gupta further, led a retinue of expert engineers to indigenise the imported raw materials required for CFLs. Laying emphasis on quality, transparency as well integrating its operations based on backward integration strategy; the Company setup its first plant in Uttarakhand and gradually become the cynosure of the top lighting brands in the country. A start-up success story, rapidly transformed into stupendous achievements and the company became one of the leading names in the lighting industry.

Currently the company has over 4000 workforce, who are extensively involved in developing ingenious products for the Company. Compact Lamps Pvt. Ltd. is also known for its transparency in the cost of working and boasts of USPs such as quality and timely delivery. All units of the company are ISO 9001-2008 certified. Supplier of the biggest range in CFL in different designs, Compact Lamps is committed to deliver world class LED Products to Indian Consumers. Also, the performance of products manufactured by the company is excellent as they can withstand bouts of voltage fluctuations, which are very common in towns and rural areas.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a Global research and manufacturing company in lighting with superior products at the best price. After emerging as the largest manufacturers of CFL and LED Lighting products in India, we further want to expand our reach in the global market and reach the same success as we achieved in India.

We work to delight our customers, both internal and external. Innovation being a key point in our company and we continuously work towards this goal. We continuously benchmark ourselves with other manufacturers throughout the world to adapt the best industry policies and reduce costs.

Our Core Values

  • Human resource is the core for our business and we place a lot of emphasis on the same
  • We always remain very humble and deeply indebted to God irrespective of the heights we achieve
  • We have utmost respect for the law and the environment, and the same is evident from our working
  • Ethics have been a core value for our company and we keep away from unethical practices
  • We strive to create a home away from home environment for our employees to increase economic outputs
  • Customer Centricity

    Our philosophy at Orkus is focused on Customer Centricity. Over the years, our customer centric approach has changed and adapted to the specific customer needs. At Orkus we continuously work towards new opportunities, be it in backward integration, new product development or new design improvements for Orkus.

    Orkus has always been supportive towards its esteemed business partners, be it in terms of infrastructure or enhancing capacities. The strength of Orkus in design and development has seen the brand move into a number of different product categories.

    Orkus is always aggressively working to increase its product offerings and is planning to have an expanded range of LED Products for General Lighting, Solar Energy based LED Products and new range of CFL's.

    Design & Development

    The Research and development center at Compact Lamps is continuously working towards improving our existing designs and introducing new designs in Orkus. It is our single source for development of all new products. A strong focus on R&D has also enabled us to make tailor made products for our customers

    A major thrust to the business activities of the company has come from the innovations and value-additions of this team.Our R&D center has been crucial in coming out with some of the best circuits in India and helped us develop the HPF circuits also.

    Our R&D Centers multi functions include

  • Component selection
  • Design validation
  • Design up-gradation
  • Circuit design
  • Product reliability
  • Development of electronics for new products & new applications
  • Test and measurement

    We have also set up a dedicated R&D center in Noida for design and development of our entire range of Orkus LEDs. Our team in Noida is solely focused on developing new and innovative LED products. They have also been crucial in developing tailor made LED products for different customers and in offering new and innovative designs to the customers.

  • Manufacturing

    Compact Lamps is the largest manufacturer of CFL's in India, with the largest CFL assembly capacity dedicated to the lighting industry. Compact Lamps aggressive focus on manufacturing has helped us establish the largest capacity of CFL's in India and are speedily expanding in to LED's products.

    Multi LocationsToday Compact Lamps has four state-of-the-art facilities across the state of Uttrakhand. All facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified. In addition, all manufacturing facilities incorporate best industry practices for their respective processes. All our facilities have state of the art machinery for enhanced productivity.


  • The capacity of CFL burners is more than 8 million per month
  • The capacity of assembled is more than 7 million lamps per month
  • The capacity of ballasts is more than 7 million per month
  • The capacity of plastic caps is more than 4 million per month
  • The capacity of inductors and bobbins is more than 2 million per month
  • The capacity of LED lamp assembled is close to 1 million lamps per month

    Systems & ProcessesAs part of our manufacturing strategy we continuously make sure that our processes are automated and productivity are increased. All manufacturing operations use optimum automation for both insertion mount components (IMC) and surface mount devices (SMD) with automated wave soldering, in-circuit tester, other testing and characterization equipment including live testing facilities.

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