Orizzonti are highly experienced (more than 20 years) European brand that understand the need and requirement of its customers and clients who seek top quality sofa and luxurious furniture. They are a young dynamic company with highly experienced team and staff working together to achieve organisation goals. Recently they have opened its first showroom "Orizzonti Italy" in DLF Grand Mall on First Floor of M.G. Road, Gurgaon, Haryana near Delhi Airport.

To attain maximum aesthetics they constantly work on Italian style high quality materials with best craftsmanship. In order to feel the experience of quality and design you have to visit the showroom. They have launched sofas that provide an amazing design and comfort with stainless steel framework for those clients and customers who understand the real comfort of luxury sofas. All its manufacturing takes place in Italy.

If you are thinking about the interiors just relax they offer a solution that will furnish your entire home right from the dining room to the bedroom. They offer a wide variety of choices in both modern and classic designs. They also offer lightning and accessories for house, hotel and showrooms.