Established in the year 1994, are the largest cabinetry manufacturers in the world. The company has 10,000 employees and a manufacturing centre spread in an area of 125 acres with an advanced equipment facilities and high tech machineries. Every year more than 600,000 sets of kitchen cabinets, 100,000 bathroom cabinets, 200,000 wardrobes and 250,000 interior doors are produced. With the experience in integrated kitchen cabinets the concept of BUILT-INS has been applied to its other products like bathroom vanities, wardrobes and other customized furniture. For the past 19 years they have become world class manufacturer and supplier of the integrated kitchens and have catered the need of its customers in every segment.

Keeping in mind the trends and taste of people they get updated to the market need and demand in order to provide best products at a competitive cost. This is the reason which allows them to strive forward and maintain its position as a cabinetry industry leader in Asia. They have a wide network of dealers more than 3000 that provide a wide range to the retailers and customers in the market. The services they provide are of royal nature. Using only the quality materials that matches with intelligent, beautiful and functional designs is what company focuses. They also provide customize products in kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, interior doors, solid surfaces and other home furniture according to the need and requirement of customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmentally-Friendly Raw Materials
They use four types of raw materials conforming to the Europe E1 Grade of Environment that include MDF, Block Board, Particle board and Plywood. All the raw materials are used in furniture manufacturing. Rating is given to each furniture created by European Union. It is the most stringent rating system of furniture products in the world. The rating is done on the basis of amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of dangerous off gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses.
The rating on each product is like-
"E-1" being the best rating with zero off-gassing.
"E-5" being the worst with significant off-gassing.
"Green" and "Environment-friendly" Kitchen

1. Low or No Formaldehyde
Mostly Urea Formaldehyde is used in adhesives that you will find in a wide variety of wood and wood based products. Low levels of formaldehyde may not pose a treat. WHO has declared it as a human carcinogen substance. There are many people who are sensitive towards formaldehyde symptoms include burning sensation in the eyes, watery eyes, nose and throat, nausea, coughing and skin irritation. Hence low formaldehyde is the key element to make your kitchen green and environment friendly.

2. Low VOC Finishes
Green kitchen should also posses low-VOC finishes. These are paints, stains, waterborne clear finishes and natural oil finishes that release few volatile organic compounds into the environment.

3. Grade E1 Materials
Material used in kitchen should comply with Grade E1 standard in order to protect the environment.

4. Durable Construction
They provide good quality cabinets that are durable for at least 10 years of solid service. Poorly constructed products are generally not environment friendly rather it harms the environment.

5. Energy saving and safety design
The safer way to serve your family is to enable kitchen in low power kitchen. This whole depends on saving water supply, electricity supply, gas supply and lighting. Then only you can save the energy and design. Social Performance

In 2011, there were more than 100 disabled that were employed and covered by social insurance. At the same time they donated more than RMB 6 million for the disaster area, Hope Project and social poverty reduction.

OPPEIN is already working with many India big builders. Cooperate with OPPEIN for your business, you will benefit the belows:

  • Wide range choice of material & color vary from economic to luxury.Your will be easy get what you want in OPPEIN.
  • Professional 2D & 3D design plan for your projects, which ensure you have a clear & satisfied idea before production.
  • Size measurement before production to ensure no size difference happened in production.
  • Strictly quality check system applies to the whole production procedure, which stop quality problem happen.
  • Good & Safe packing for FCL/ LCL/ AIRSHIPMENT, ECT. To ensure goods safely arrive India.
  • Installation service can offer after goods arrive India.
  • Office in Delhi will react to after service issues and feed back to headquarter for solving.

Drafting Unit
Drafting unit of "residential kitchen" standard authorized by the ministry of construction of China.

Chairman Unit
Chairman unit of China building & decoration association.

Chairman Unit
Chairman unit of China furniture & decoration chamber committee, kitchen cabinet committee.

International Standard
Adopting international standard product marking certificate.

ISO 9001 - 2008
International quality management system certificate.

ISO 14001 - 2004
International environmental management system certificate.

Qualified Supplier
Qualified supplier for United Nations purchasing Programe.

China Environmental Labelling
National environmental-friendly mark certified product, the first one in the industry in china.