OPOLIS is a multidisciplinary design practice, started by Rahul Gore and Sonal Sancheti in January 2001. The firm prides itself in having stayed away from a signature style but believes that most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest. -OPOLIS is a young firm of qualified, committed and sensitive professionals offering innovative design solutions. They do a wide range of architectural, interior and urban projects and have offices in Mumbai and Pune. -OPOLIS has won several awards in the Young Architects category of the IIA Awards and the IIID Awards for the past years. They have recently won the A+D Young Enthused Architect Award in addition to the IIA, JK Cement and Archidesign Awards. Their work has been widely published in leading national and international Architectural and Interior magazines.

The recent excitement at Opolis has been in winning the Bihar Museum Competition with Maki and Associates, Japan.

Whatever we design must be of use, but at the same time transcend it s use. It must be rooted in time and site and client needs but it must transcend time and site and client needs. We do not want to develop a style or specialize in any project type. It is our hope to continue to work on only a few projects at a time, with intense personal involvement in all parts of the design and construction. We want the studio to be a good place to work, and learn, and grow, both for the people who work in the office and for ourselves. The metaphor for the office is a family. Each person must take responsibility for their own work, but as well must be responsible for the good of the whole. We do not believe in the separation or specialization of skills. Each architect in the office will work through all aspects of a project. We would like to be financially stable, but this will not outweigh artistic or ethical belief, which will always come first. The work should reflect optimism and love. The spiritual aspect of the work will emerge if the work is done well.
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201 SEBASTIAN CLASSIC, SUNDER NAGAR LANE NO. 3, KALINA, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400098



Phone:+9122 26652128

Owner: Rahul Gore