With more than eleven years standing in the lifestyles segment, Onyx is now a company with a national presence that bespeaks trueness to purpose and quality, total commitment and the highest goals to pursue in the future. Our inroads in sectors like Glass Fittings and Hardware are now vigorously augmented by strong collaborations with international partners, bringing that technology to Indian shores. Our existing strengths continue to cement these relationships, carrying our huge client-dealer-manufacturer link to greater purpose by fulfilling the immense requirements of the existent design scenario. Excellence is a signpost to the direction of success, so we believe. One way to achieve this with peripheral and overall goodwill is to continually upgrade in an 'all round' methodology. This swift amalgamation of the global vision is what has made the company emerge into a top notch and much respected identity today. This enables Onyx to live up to the expectations that our end users and designers envisage from us.