Oikos, being a top notch and renowned company, has been working in the industry of paints and emulsion since the time it was set up in the year 2003. However, the company started its journey from two major metropolitan cities as in Mumbai and Delhi. But afterwards, it expanded and spread its services to all across the country with the help of a comprehensive network of well-qualified and strong associations. It has presented a variety of artistic colours along with a wide range of textures, special effects and patterns. The company is truly dedicated to the customers’ services those who always strive to have elegance, style and genuineness in their living space.

They work with an avant-garde technology in order to create a high end and quality ensured paints and coatings for luxurious and magnificent decoration. The name OIKOS is itself indicates the incomparable quality in the competitive era. At one end, the company never compromise with the quality and authenticity of its paint solutions and on the other hand, it constantly focuses on to protect environment with eco-friendly products. The company proudly presents its projects with great expertise and pioneering in the same to carry forward the tradition of decoration all across the world.