In the year 1975 came into existence, in Delhi, a firm of interior decorators and furnishers offering turnkey interior fit outs.

The firm was called Office Equipment, employing only 6 people. The challenges were tremendous, as there were already a number of firms offering interior works. It was then decided that besides furniture, interior decoration should be all comprehensive which included turn key projects. This included interior design, manufacture of furniture and also execution of electrical, civil, and air conditioning works. To cater to this multi discipline, people had to be hired. Office equipment was growing. Customers were delighted that under one roof, they could avail the services of interior decoration, interior designing, and implementation. It did not end here, a factory was set up in Delhi and manufacture of in house furniture began.

As interior projects started coming from out stations as far flung as Assam, growth was inevitable. Today Office Equipment employs almost 200 people, offering turnkey interiors, manufacture of furniture, services as varied as electrical and air-conditioning.

Being a reputed interior designer Delhi, we are committed to offer exceptional Turnkey interiors to the commerce sector of the NCR. Your office interiors play an important role in building your corporate image and enhancing productivity. We are one of the most reputed interior decorators in South Delhi, having experience in the field for more than 35 years. We understand how much it is important for you to make your office look and feel relaxing, appealing and modern. We offer wide ranges of interior furnisher services, including interior design, manufacture of furniture, electrical and civil work.

The Turnkey interior design in Delhi was founded in 1975 with the vision to provide Delhi NCR with modern and appealing office interior furnishing services. Office Equipment executed various prestigious projects in the NCR, worked for MNCs, hotels, malls and IT firms. Each of our work has received appreciation for quality, uniqueness, comfortable and affordable interior furnishers. We have left no stone unturned by offering whole range of interior design services including interior planning, decoration, manufacturing of furniture and construction. It is our dedication that has made us an award winning interior decorator in Delhi.

There are many things that make us a leading interior designer Delhi. We examine the interior, space and budget of our clients before executing any project. Create sophisticated, distinctive and timeless design! For which, CAD (computer design) and graphic are created by our team of experts. Our skilled professionals are well versed in designing ceilings, board rooms, reception, panelling, electrical, art work and furniture? We are associated with top interior design product suppliers to provide you with the best quality furnishing at affordable prices

Key Features

  • Providing wide ranges of interior design solutions in Delhi including designing, planning, construction and electrical
  • Note: setup our own furniture manufacturing unit to provide customized furnishing
  • Our work strength is a team of proficient and devoted 250 employees
  • Service at attractive prices

Welcome to Exceptional & Pocket Friendly Interior Designing Services
Office Equipmentis pioneered in designing your commercial property. Be it offices, banks, hotels and retails, our interior designers are technically advanced in making your place spacious and attractive. Complete A to Z interior design services are offered. Ceilings, furniture, flooring and even art work are customized to meet your company standard.

We aim to provide client satisfaction. Having a team of expert designers, we first analyse the workplace and prepare a customized designing template. The unique design goes for approval to our clients and after that it executes. We promise to finish the designing task on the given deadline. The work development is monitored continuously by our team of senior designers. A proper plan is followed with the help the latest technology. We use high-end software to design your office interior. The digital presentation clears the picture of your future office looks that later execute by our interior designing team with patience and commitment.

Contact us today for getting unique and top quality board room, reception and workplace designing. Remember, your office ambience tells a lot about your company productivity and also helps to make impression. We promise to make your office interior beautiful, attractive and contemporary under budget.

Board Rooms

From modern to period depending upon the overall concept. Most appealing and timeless would be the period design.


Be it Gypsum, Armstrong or Metallic our ceilings can take any shape or structure.


The 1st area to step in. Your office is known by the reception you keep.


Adds the extra charm and finish to any wall surface be it in wood or stone.


Judicious use of fittings can cut energy bills and ensure correct work conditions.


Built in house can blend in any interior, and guaranteed quality unmatched.

Interior decorating is increasingly associated with simplified and refined solutions that suit the life style of the occupants, knowing use of various textures and colors to provide specific accents, accompanied by some unique and beautiful art pieces or antiques which recall the values.

Office Equipment - Creative interior furnisher and turnkey renovation solutions, new delhi , India , furniture manufacturer provides a wide range of items at competitive prices that has made it one of the best known of the market supplier.

Clean lines and natural colors are characteristic of the contemporary sofas offered by Office equipment that is an invitation to relaxed living. Also we offer geometric designs for contemporary sofas that are of the utmost comfort.

Art Work

Purchase items to enhance an area and make it interesting without it being overwhelming.


Enhance Your Corporate Looks and Feel with Superior Office Interiors
Did you know the right workplace can boost productivity up to 40%.
It's time to give your office a new look and feel with our superior quality interior designing services. We are India's leading specialist in commercial renovation. From space planning to facilities management, we have mastered in all' Office interiors has a list of satisfied clients who not only appreciate but also recommend our corporate interior design services.

We aim to give your dreamed office furnishing the real look by enhancing the interior through complete change. From ceilings, panelling, furniture to art work, everything is enhanced by our creative team of interior designers. We work closely with our clients to understand their expectations and able to provide the striking finishing. Contemporary design booklets will display to you (clients) and each design is unique. We provide freedom to choose your own unique style. We even suggest a well-suitable design for your office to ensure everything is going without any interruption.

We are famous as budget office interior design Delhi company. From designing a small office area to big one, we ensure about quality work within the given deadline. We work for MNCs, banking, institutes and various other commercial sectors'