It is the need of the hour to decorate and design the place you live in as it not only gives a feeling of comfort and luxury but also makes it complimenting with your personality and needs. Therefore, En’vogue furnishings has revealed an passionate art to work in order to provide best in class carpets, bath and home accessories, as machine manufactured and handmade as well. They are designed and manufactured focusing on to decorate your world and add a spark of elegance in to. Accessibility of the varied range of products in innumerable finishing, textures, colors and patterns, that can make you confuse while selecting them.

In the year 1995, the company began as a proprietor firm catering the market at international level and converted into a Private Limited Company in 2004. At present, it is a 5$ million enterprise that deals in exquisite and exclusive range of home accessories, bath accessories, carpets and rugs. Besides, there is sister concern company established in the year 1998 and named as Furnitex. They are known for being one of the biggest importers when it comes to machine made carpets from Belgium, China, Turkey and Egypt in India.

General Instructions

There are a various kinds of carpets available in the markets in varied fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester etc and the level of maintenance and cleaning solely depends upon their fabric. However, there are some basic knowhow about cleaning and maintenance of carpets as discussed below:

After your new carpet is fitted

It is necessary that newly fitted carpet must be vacuumed in order to eradicate loose fibers. Do not pull them out. Open doors and windows so that the strange odor that usually comes from new carpet may find its path and your room get ventilated.

Regular vacuuming:

This is the best way to avoid building up of dirt in the carpet.

Moving furniture:

It is very helpful to move heavy furniture and relocate it new place as it avoids indentions. You can also use castor cups to protect the floor.

Deep cleaning:

You can clean the carpet deeply with professional carpet cleaners. This equipment can be get on rent also and it helps to remove spot cleaning and entire cleaning of carpet as well.

Stain removal:

For more guidelines on effective measures for stain removal, refer to the below enlisted points:

More Guidelines

If something is spilled on the carpet, do not need to get panic. You can use following cleaning tips top clean spills on the carpet. But you must be cautious as there are some household detergents that contain hazardous chemicals and they can cause permanent damage to your precious carpet.

1.       You can use white paper towels or white cloths.

2.       Mix 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with 500 ml of water and do not mix creamy detergents with water.

3.       Blend 1 part of white vinegar with 1 part of water.

4.       In order to neutralize odors, mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia which is used for household purposes, with 100 ml of water.

5.       Acetone remover to remove chewing gum or nail polish remover can also help you.

6.       A dry cleaning solvent, turpentine oil or mentholated spirits can be other alternatives.

7.       A spot remover which is used especially to remove oil, tar or grease from the carpet.

Scrape: at first, remove the solid spills as much as possible with a spatula or spoon.

Blot: absorb the spill with a paper towel or absorbent cotton cloth. Avoid spreading the spill more with working from outer edge to inner portion.

Do no scrub: This is very important step as scrubbing might lead to further damage or distortion of the carpet.

Now start removing the stain: use a stain or spot removal and go ahead with below step-wise guidelines:

Step 1: you are suggested to check the removal agent before applying it directly to the carpet as it will help you to know if it would cause any sort of damage to it or not. Further after application of the removal solution, hold the wet area with a cloth for few seconds and then observe if there are any changes in the color or damage.

When you are done with the pre-examination of the removal solution, soak a white cloth in the solution for 10 minutes and then work very gently on carpet. Keep using until you see the spill on the cloth. Repeat it several times gently.

Rinse the affected portion with sponge soaked in cold water and use of dry cloth until the solution is removed.

Step 2: cover the affected area with white paper towels and put a weighted object on it and leave it overnight for drying perfectly.