Marbomax Group, one of the most reputed and highly recognized names in Ceramic industry in India, is situated at Morbi. The group proudly owns three manufacturing units. Since the year 2007, the company has witnessed immense and growth and success with sustained and continuous effort of every single person.
In the last six years, they have developed and catered a wide variety of high quality products with guaranteed authenticity. Products range from vitrified tiles to micro crystal tiles and wall tiles; they have excelled in all of them with execution of advanced technology and company’s skills and experience.
While Indian is grown at fastest pace, the company has also been contributing to its growth effortlessly. They have utilized the opportunities and faced the challenges in business environment and this is what makes them set apart from others in every aspect.

  • Develop and commercialize products that are affordable luxury for customers increasing value for money.
  • Provide International Quality at Indian Prices to delight every Indian Home and its owners.
  • Innovate and implement on every business aspect to continuously improve as a total business entity.
  • Serve the customers, society and the country in all our endeavors.
  • We would like to be recognized for a long time as the company that provides quality tiling solutions that make homes better and lives happier.


Quality is the most important factor which is responsible for the growth and constant success of a company. Oasis primarily focuses to provide the customers with products that are surpassed with high quality parameters at every level of designing and production. Channel partners and business associates of the company appreciate the value of its products.

The company has a vision to get recognition and respect as a top notch and reliable tiling solutions company. They strive to manufacture products that are absolutely matchless and unsurpassed in terms of styles, patterns, designs, colors and most importantly quality. In fact, the quality of their entire product categories is far better than it is expected with assurance of maintained quality standards. The company is certified with an ISO 9001:2008 certification that clearly reflects the standard and level of the company.