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The Norisys technology was established in the year 1987 and since the time it was set up, it has continued to proffer quality ensured products as a hallmark of the enterprise. Catering highest standard of quality is their prime aim and in order to achieve that, the company has employed passionate and precise engineers having years of experience in their respective fields.

The company is well known for its benchmarks and same is the case with its products. A wide variety of products is designed and processed with highly advanced and technological equipments coupled with their expertise and pioneering. In this manner, they always strive to cater customers with the best products and nothing else. Norisys stands for quality, safety, security and finest engineering. They have pioneered the new standards in all electrical fittings.


Norisys constantly aims at improving and upgrading its process of manufacturing and raw materials as well. Sound and amazing electrical performance is offered in Cube and Square series of products. Apart from that, several products are introduced by them that are very highly and commonly used in every house. It has recorded unshakable presence in the market which has resulted into establishing close relations with the electrical business.

At Norisys, measures for environment protection are strictly followed according to the latest knowhow covering the entire range of operations ranging from development of product to packaging of the same. They are truly committed to the production of most sophisticated designs inspired from the demands and needs of customers. It also ensures that its products are highly economical along with quality ensured and authentic. 


The manufacturing plant is equipped with modern state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. In-house facilities for periodic tests and quality assurance of all components ensure guaranteed quality. Extensive material selection process and rigorous quality monitoring process is followed for conformity to highest standards.

All products from Norisys have been developed to establish new standards in electrical accessories. Commitment to superior designs, elaborate attention to engineering details, modern manufacturing facilities and stringent quality measures have combined together to create a new concept in safety, reliability, flexibility and modernity.

All Norisys products are designed for extreme endurance. Materials are chosen to withstand arduous conditions. Local wiring practices are carefully studied before the design of any new product at Norisys ensuring ease of installation and durability of the products.

At Norisys testing laboratories, our products are put through their paces and shown no mercy. Here, our switches, sockets, fan regulators, motor starters, circuit breakers - all have to endure the arduous tests. We outperform our own as well as international quality standards and it shows. Norisys quality goes way beyond the product's normal life cycle.

Research & Development

With a developed and full grown research and development unit, Norisys works there to relentlessly mend, create and concoct new products. Since this unit is dedicated to research and development, it is equipped with an environment of product development and innovation. Processes right from the conceptualizing the design of product to realizing it into form of product through manufacturing are directed in this centre. Every day, engineers of Norysis work with full dedication and concentration so as to bring out a perfect combination of creative designs and materials with modern technology. They focus on creation of products that are apt for needs of users.