Norisys Technology Limited was established in 1987. Ever since Norisys was founded 25 years ago, inherent product quality has been the hallmark of the Company. In order to deliver the highest level of quality available in every respect, our engineers toil with passion and precision. We have always been measured by this benchmark. Norisys products continue to redefine standards in design, materials, processing and technology coupled with the high level of service which we strive to provide for all our customers.

Technical know-how from tradition: Norisys has stood for quality, safety and fine engineering. As a leading switchgear manufacturer, Norisys has pioneered new trend-setting standards - in switches, sockets, motor starters, miniature circuit breakers for high-specification engineering products.


We continuously strive to upgrade processes and materials. CUBE Series and SQUARE Series products thus offer sound electrical performance. Norisys has introduced several products which have today become common household products. Constant efforts to keep developing products and solutions are the core prerequisites for a successful presence in the market and the resulting close connection with the electrical trade.

Our emphasis on material design, attention to details and constant efforts to meet international standards are a given at Norisys. Our research and development training center offers a comprehensive range of courses in an ultramodern and architecturally sophisticated environment.

At Norisys, we follow a general environmental protection concept in accordance with the latest knowledge and it covers all facets of operation, right from product development to packaging. It goes without saying that Norisys products are especially economical with that expensive commodity.

The commitment to producing the most relevant and inspiring designs has resulted in Norisys advancing many places in the industry. But perhaps one of the most significant shifts to have occurred is the way in which creativity has been used not only to develop products that add value, but also as a catalyst to change the entire culture of the company.


The manufacturing plant is equipped with modern state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. In-house facilities for periodic tests and quality assurance of all components ensure guaranteed quality. Extensive material selection process and rigorous quality monitoring process is followed for conformity to highest standards.

All products from Norisys have been developed to establish new standards in electrical accessories. Commitment to superior designs, elaborate attention to engineering details, modern manufacturing facilities and stringent quality measures have combined together to create a new concept in safety, reliability, flexibility and modernity.

All Norisys products are designed for extreme endurance. Materials are chosen to withstand arduous conditions. Local wiring practices are carefully studied before the design of any new product at Norisys ensuring ease of installation and durability of the products.

At Norisys testing laboratories, our products are put through their paces and shown no mercy. Here, our switches, sockets, fan regulators, motor starters, circuit breakers - all have to endure the arduous tests. We outperform our own as well as international quality standards and it shows. Norisys quality goes way beyond the product's normal life cycle.

Research & Development

Norisys has a full-fledged, well equipped research and development center, which works constantly to improve, innovate and engineer new products. This research and development center has a fully integrated product development environment that directs the development process throughout - right from conceptual design to manufacturing.

Each day Norisys engineers work to bring about a combination of innovative designs and materials using advanced manufacturing technology in order to create products that are best suited to meet user requirements.

Norisys engineers are constantly striving to design products that meet international standards. The emphasis on material design and to make our products safe, sturdy and easy to use is our motto.

It's because we don't just make electrical switchgear. We constantly work at understanding what the consumers needs are and we constantly work on developing the right solution. We turn the world's leading, responsible technology into picture-perfect products.