Nolte Home Studio is a leading organization of furniture industry with more than 85 year of business experience and has careful attention over tradition and quality of the product. They have four furniture production units with more than 3000 employees and provide their furniture products all over the world with about 850 million euro per year sales. They offer their services in over 55 countries across the world and known as the best design furniture goods provider with outstanding functionality.


They have experience of more than 8 decades, their products establishes new benchmark every year with great design concept and manufacturing quality. They provide next level of design products which must attract your attention. Their quality product sets a different aspect of look in furniture use which increases your house decor. The Nolte products are appreciated by many independent bodies across the globe. Their products are also accepted by every individual who once experience with that. All their products like slide doors, drawer, cabinets, tables, etc, are manufactured and designed in Germany.


They provide their products in such a way which meets the modern standard and are environment friendly and safe. They apply recycle operation on the wooden products for manufacturing of chipboards. They have secure certification of PEFC and FSC.


They provide excellence manufacturing and well finishing of the products so that products gain attractive look and are robust in quality. They have strong manufacturing mechanism with highly skilled workers who are able to deliver good quality product and make Nolte a respectable brand in their category. They have the certification of DIN ISO9001 and impressive Golden M award that makes them a testimony for quality. Their products, Slide door open, pull the drawer out and look the cabinet, makes different feeling.


They are biggest manufacturer of chipboard in Europe. Their kitchen furniture, wardrobes, beds and tables are produced in their own manufacturing units, hence they work in some areas only with specialists. They make a range of products and have great distribution system which sets an unmatchable benchmark in this industry.


The industry creates great achievement in making penetrate design such as Armax, Softform and many more, they regularly provide innovative products and services with huge list of fittings and elements.


They have a gamut of products which adds more attraction and functionality to your house. The ranges comprises with kitchen products, wardrobes, Chests Drawer, Beds, furniture for living room and bedroom, etc.


They just not provide only the quality product but also provide quality services to their customers. For their customers in India, they care about the size and design of the kitchen.

  • They provide free consultation design process
  • Have detailed design mapping with 3D projection
  • Range of designs are available on their website
  • Provide facility of product design according to your specification
  • On-site setting up by German trained professionals
  • product service, for your convenience

The furniture products prices are differ according to the size, design, model, internal layout, appliances extra.


They provide extensive warranty in each products can extends up to five year for kitchen and 10 year for bedroom products. They provide after sales service to your place at very reasonable charges.


They provide yearly maintenance service which widely takes care of bedroom and kitchen products.


They have various ranges of kitchen fittings, bedroom products like wardrobes and beds, sofas, chairs available with premium fabrication.