No-Mad 97% India, an Indian brand of lifestyle, is truly based on heritage and craftsmanship of the country. A diverse and wide range of product categories is proffered by them. Since the time, the company was set up, they have witnessed several landmarks and achievements in terms of success which was resulted due to a journey of passion and creative ideas to build and establish a slow but classy lifestyle brand across the country.

The No-Mad Cv

The company was founded by Anuj Kothari, who was born in a traditional yet modern Marwari house. By profession, he is an engineer. Having a creative mind and ability to think out of box, it leads home to set-up No-Mad, a décor company. For him, it was a completely new and inexperienced field and a challenge at the same time. He hailed from a real estate business, but he took the risk to establish such a company though he did not have any experience of decor industry. He had a concept of “Made in India” and he dreamt to modify this concept into a brand that reflects core values and traditions of India. Being an enthusiastic and devoted net-surfer, he got to know about the Valerie Barkowski’s body of work and was amazingly impressed and thought him to be the most suitable person who can help him to realize his dream and develop it. In this way the journey of No-Mad began.

The No-Mad Picture By Vb

His passion never let him down in spite of the fact that it was not easy to organize a team, sourced products and managing vendors, but his passion did it all well. At present, No-Mad is a revolutionary step in the way of individual development and it is also on the creative course of Belgian roots. It is Moroccan, Russian and Indian with adoption. Being a multicultural person, now, Valerie Barkowski has spread herself everywhere. There is an innovative approach that primarily drives the creativity of the Valerie Barkowski.

Today, No-Mad have fulfilled the concept and core philosophy of its founder to set-up an Indian Brand for the Belgians. It was a challenge for Anuj Kothari but he took this challenge and instantly gave the “carte balance” to Valerie Barkowski while considering her honesty, frankness and background. Since, she was familiar with the Indian environment, she returned after years with having a number of handcrafts from the markets in order to occupy a place among Indians. She liked the tradition, simplicity and modifications in the products and steadily India has now got its place in her day-to-day life.
After she worked for six years in Jaipur, Synergy Lifestyle hired her in order to produce a brand of linens for homes. With No-Mad, she aims to put the knowledge of handcrafts in the spotlight and to resume them so that they can get appreciated with the mixture of cultures.