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Nitya-Anand Farms
Nitya-Anand Farms
Nitya-Anand Farms
Nitya-Anand Farms

Location: Kapashera, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 3.5 Acres


Structure - C S Bhandari.

Electrical - Integral Design

Plumbing - Satish Vishwakarma & Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd.

HVAC - Design Centre Consulting Engineers

Nitya-Anand Farms is a collection of 5 Luxury Villas, the first of which has been conceived and now approaches it's realization. A coherent and appeasing network of roads, pathways and cycle paths provide access to the respective farms, while a monolithic Wall marks the entrance to the Site.

Farm1 or "Eunoia" is planned for a 3.5 acres plot, overlooking a natural forest green cover on the South and West face. Viewed as a Contemporary interpretation of an age old concept of Haciendas and Farmhouses, Eunoia is nestled within lush landscaping, water bodies and not less than 5 types of distinctly treated garden spaces, like: Aromatic, Seasonal, Zen, Wine & Kitchen, with a dash of an occasional Rain garden.

The house itself is aligned to the Cardinal axes, where the spaces are conceived as a part of an organic disposition, attached to site specific Core Walls. The Core walls represent the concept of a Symbiotic relationship between the spaces and the elements, the nature of which is founded on relevant Sustainable practices and Climatological considerations.

The private functions of Eunoia flow into the semi private and subsequent formal spaces marked by the arrangement of the Core Walls into the Outdoors. The lap pool, located in a pivotal space, overlooks the formal Living space, providing a foreground for the nature beyond. The wooden decks along the house and gazebos in the form of ancient relics, further, respond to the outdoors while creating an intimate space within the private and public functions.