Nitesh K Singh

Nitesh K Singh

Nitesh K Singh is the Founder of 'Breathing Space' and has been practicing Interior Architect for over Five Years. He also runs The Marq - an e-commerce company for Modlular Kitchen, Designer Bathrooms, Home automation systems and Modular furnitures. Nitesh is a B.Tech graduate in Civil Engg. from RTU, later pursued his Diploma in Interior Design from Brighton, UK. Nitesh also holds an 3d Visualiser & V/Fx Degree from MAAC - New Delhi. He specializes in Interior Design and Project Management of Corporate Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, & Residences.

As a Social Entrepreneur, he has extensively and diligently worked towards upliftment and revival of dying Arts & Crafts of India and is part of a movement whose sole aim is to keep the rich cultural heritage of this country alive through education and knowledge. This is possible only by way of creating art installations with these arts and crafts in private and public spaces. This will not only educate the public but also build national pride and develop economic empowerment for the artisans at the grass root level so that they can live with dignity which they deserve.

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Founder & Principle Interior Architect

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Nitesh K Singh