Nirali stainless steel kitchen sinks are manufactured by Jyoti (India) Metal Industries Private Limited. In this way, the company got dual recognition and reputation and became a huge selling brand in India. Being a No. 1 company in the country, they are recognized for innovative and stylishly products manufactured with long durability and authenticity. A strong sales force spread all across the country supports them along with a vast network of over 2000 dealers nationwide.

In fact, with such constant and sustainable efforts to manufacture precisely engineered and designed with innovation, Nirali stainless steel kitchen sinks have become first and reliable choice in India.

In the year 1985, Jyoti Industries established with a straightforward aim to make quality ensured stainless steel sinks and got over-whelming response from the market. Afterwards, as the demand for the Nirali Stainless steel sinks rose, a new factory was set up for construction in the year 1997 at Palghar (Maharashtra).

When the construction of new company completed in the year 1999, it was integrated with new and hi-tech technology matching the international standards.

It instantly obtained a position of largest manufacturing plant in India for stainless steel sinks. And the company was renamed as M/S Jyoti (India) Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd which was formerly known as Jyoti Industries. They cater their services to top notch business houses such as Reliance, Tata Group, Hiranandani’s, Rahejas’ and many others.

In the year 2002, the company got an ISO 9001:2000 certification which is considered as the most prestigious certification by the British Standard Institution. Another internationally recognized certificate of an ISO 14001:1996 was received by them in the year 2005. This certification was given to them as an acknowledgment for the environment friendly company policies and manufacturing processes.


The Elements of Success

A superlative amalgamation of modern technology and inspired and dedicated workmanship lead the company to new heights. At present, the company has a hydraulic press line of 800 ton which is surpassed with high international standards. It is designed in order to manufacture wrinkle free and even sinks with perfectly shaping them. 

Cutting edge technology

The company has completely automated CNC machineries that are capable to design and cut the steel precisely in terms of length and other features. The machineries are engineered and cross checked to tailor reliable and durable coils of stainless steel. And that too it processed with strict international standards before further processing. 

Finishing touches

A 4-axis bowl welding CNC machine is one of the top most and highly integrated machines. It is used to weld the sink bowl in a proper frame. It is equipped by truly advanced technology to make sure the strong and precise welding. 

Precession meets perfection

This is what the company focuses on. They have employed extremely talented and skilled workmanship which is their core strength. This workmanship is coupled with a collection of highly modern equipments and machineries, results into the amazingly styled sinks with innumerable patterns and designs crafted with accuracy.