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Ninety One Degree started by Alon molay with his group of promising design talents across the globe to manufacture contemporary wooden furniture in Jaipur, India. They produce high end furniture of clean and uniquely aesthetic design. They believe in quality and design with key assets reliability and flexibility. They are dedicated in their work and focus on providing high quality service to its customers. They have a team of young and ambitious people that have a burning passion of design and taking the brand in all parts of the world.

They also offer interior consultancy services to restaurants, hotels, executive offices and private residencies. They offer a virtual tour and videos to evaluate the layout which gives you a preview of what the final product will be.


  1. Showroom - J.Forest Jewelry
  2. Lounge - The Saneer Boutique Hotel
  3. Executive Office - Bright Metals
  4. Private Residence - Alon Molay
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