We started as a services company in 1996 offering engraving services on Granite for name boards and cemetery stones. In 1998, with requirement for glass etching growing, we forayed into glass designing with in house R&D. We started etching, airbrushing, acid texture, beveled cluster and went on to be the pioneers in our town Salem. We were simultaneously making awards, trophies and custom gifting on granite and glass. In 2004, we started experimenting with natural slate stone as a home décor product. We created wall arts and clocks and started supplying to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Surat, Mumbai. It was a good learning experience of working with slate stone. We then moved on to add architectural products like slate stone Murals, highlighters, borders, name plaques… Today we have our dealers in the breadth and width of the country. Our company, which started as a 2 member team has today grown to 20 and continues to grow… Our growth has been gradual and steady and today we are ready to take on any challenge. We can proudly say that we have had a 100% positive record in terms of customer feedback, and our customers are our marketing executives.
We offer etching engraving services on granite stone with our specialization of photo engraving on granite. It is widely used for cemetery, temples and also name plaques. All our works are computer aided and so perfection is our speciality.