Our surroundings create a major impact on the things we create and look through. Observation is vital and a key towards inspiration. The studio is a shelter to ideas and innovation. Founded by Nikhil Juvekar, NJDA is a human force of highly skilled craftsmen who assist and compete with technology. Here projects are developed cautiously and crafted to a high level of detailing and excellence. All this is achieved by building models, mock-ups, samples using the actual proposed materials. Materials are carefully selected which tunes in apt for the environment. Every project is treated as an opportunity to initiate a relation with the space which goes through rigorous process of experimentation and research. Designs are rather developed learning from real life observations. The practice helps observe, understand and unravel design intricacy challenged by human behavior. It is our constant endeavor to explore and engage with natural elements which are further shaped in a contemporary expression. Every client is a partner in the project with equal participation at every stage. The overall process is a very intimate involvement in the project.

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Unit B 004, Chandralok, near Kelkar college/ VPM School, Mulund (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400081



Phone:022 21632211

Owner: Nikhil Juvekar