Nidhi Jaju

Nidhi Jaju

Nidhi Jaju, a Pune based Interior Designer, is the driving force behind Xclusive. She has ten years of experience in designing residential and commercial projects. Nidhi has a natural flair for taking up bold concepts in design and infuse those with beauty, sophistication and warmth. Every site she has worked on gets transformed into a stimulating space, incorporating the minutest details that her clients spell out.

Constant reinvention is one thing she has concentrated upon and her efforts have focused towards gaining the trust of her clients. She digs extensively into research to break silos. The spaces that that she creates imbibe quality, comfort, function, modern amenities and naturally pleasing visual, light and sound elements.

There is magic in her creations, be it exterior or interior design. She has a team of artisans and master craftsmen who make it possible for her to deliver excellence in every project she undertakes. An end-to-end-service provider, customer satisfaction is amongst the top of her list of priorities.

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Nidhi Jaju