Newform's philosophy is an absolute one for the design. They represent a choice of style and expressing personality traits. With an eye on the fashion world they continuously look for new stylistic and technological solutions. They produce quality products of pure design and charismatic style satisfying the need and demand of its customers. They have 30 years of experience and provide wide range of products of different shapes, designs, styles, colors and finishes.

They also implement technological concepts like automatic enlightening devices, electronic mixing systems with remote control, and many more. They provide various bathroom and wellness collections on different shapes and sizes. They are delicate, simple, classy and adorable in to the product line.


To Newform design is an absolute value. Functionality is transformed in an aesthetic symbol and faucets elevate to furnishing details, embodying a glamorous choice and expressing personality. For this reason, Newform constantly researches new solutions, according to most actual stylistic and technologic trends within the industry, but also with an eye on fashion and design world, getting inspired and proudly anticipating tendencies.