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New Town Master Plan & Urban Design
New Town Master Plan & Urban Design

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Client: Private

SHILPA was unanimously selected as the Urban Designers & Master Planners by the jury during a closed design competition for a themed urban development of 750 acres in Dubai. A total of 36 international and national design firms were invited to participate for the master planning, architectural, landscape and related engineering design of this smart city. The design was successful from among a formidable list of participants, as it was rooted to indo centric values of city development and based on providing a holistically sustainable lifestyle to promote the health, culture and all round wellbeing of its residents. The design team was headed by Sheila Sri Prakash, who is internationally renowned for her concepts of spaciology and reciprocity The Master planning exercise included SHILPA's unique approach of Indo-Centric Sustainability that incorporates Indian Design Philosophies and Design to provide an environment that is not only energy efficient and sustainable but also aspires to be a model community from the aspect of Socio-Economic Sustainability. The plan illustrates the main message of Creative Diversity: its commitment to pluralism, respect of internationally recognizable principles of conduct, promotion of cultural diversity as a source of creativity, participation and empowerment of oppressed minorities or groups, and so forth. It highlights Indian crafts and ornamentation styles, is visible, ubiquitous and unobtrusive, and draws inspiration from all that is wholesome and beautiful. Above all, it speaks for the region, and in the same breath is embraced without inhibitions by all.