Neterwala & Aibara is one of India's leading firms of Interior Architects and Designers. For over three decades, our passion has been to provide spatial analysis, design development and project implementation, whilst bringing about total client satisfaction. Using strategic design and state-of-the-art technology, we have created elegant, contemporary, and eclectic spaces combined with sophistication and richness for clients in India and overseas. The Client's budget and schedule requirements are a priority for us. Our Associates and our individual teams of designers take full responsibility for each assignment led by Phirosa Neterwala or Sunu Aibara. These include over 500 successfully implemented residential and commercial projects.

Each and every project combines the fine creative eye for detail of an artist, with the analytical skills of a designer. Spaces are not only innovative and exclusively designed, but also follow the principles of making them fully functional. We do not create "museum pieces"; we create fully usable environments that are also aesthetically pleasing.

As an additional service, we undertake and provide Architectural services from design development to implementation. Relevant consultants like Architects, Structural Engineers and Project Managers are brought on board to deliver a bespoke and individualistic product for the client.

Our passion to provide the ultimate design and quality, together with value for money for our clients, is our raison d'etre and what we fervently believe in.

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41/42 Kamal Mansion, 3rd Floor, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400005