Nessa Illumination Technologies has been established by individuals with incomprehensible involvement in the semiconductor and solar industry. They belong to institutes like IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay. From the earliest starting point, the centre of organizers has been on getting the most noteworthy monetary quality from solar energy which prompted the adoption of Thin-Film Innovation and LEDs. These advancements alongside ideal configuration methods have been the centre qualities of the organization.

Nessa provides energy efficient lighting with a range of products like Solar Units, LED lights, 220V AC supply and Solar Power Packs. It creates items which are profoundly dependable and exquisite. The items have a quick 2x-3x expense advantage over ordinary solar products in the time of 1-3 years.

Quality Control Management

Nessa uses far reaching Quality Management System. Quality evaluations and confirmations are made at every turning point in the product development process. New items are developed based on market research and with lighting product experts.

Design Philosophy:

Nessa has a separate Technology Research and Product Development exertion. New product concepts are guided by the following principles: proficient utilization of circuit segments, utilization of demonstrated circuits, streamlined designs, Design FMEA to evaluate and lessen risks.

Verification and Validation:

Nessa items go through thorough checks, acceptance by its Engineering and Quality divisions and certified research laboratories. This testing guarantee that the items will work dependably even in the harshest of situations. Tests are based on well-established Standards and include:

  • Electrical: ESD, different voltage and current issue conditions tests.
  • Functional: Items tested over temperature and voltage varieties.
  • Mechanical: vibration, stun, drop and transportation.
  • Temperature: long haul presentation to high, low temperatures and cycling between the two temperature extremes.
  • Operating life: long operation in high, low temperature encompassing and power cycling.
  • Enclosure: corrosion resistance, seal integrity and nature protection

Production and Test Capability:

Nessa products go through 24 hours-burn in test during manufacturing to make sure they are properly manufactured and tested.

Nessa provides nature-friendly services to various institutions. It works with government bodies and different associations to devise technique for clean energy investment suitable to them. For small places like educational institutions, townships, corporate campuses, etc., Nessa?s experts gather information of the territory to be made nature- friendly. This is trailed by intensive money saving advantage examination which makes the most economic sense. For instance, ideal utilization of electrical appliances like ACs, fans, pumps, etc. and ensuring optimal level of lights. Nessa understands that everyone has different needs and provides custom based solutions, best for the campus. It directs market overviews and has built up a system of suppliers which offer the best items and services.

Nessa helps its clients in the implementation of energy saving projects. It does establishment of products in campuses suited for lighting, principally LED and solar based frameworks. It has expertise in nature ? friendly products. It estimates the expected benefit out of this in its analysis and encourages the procedure of profiting such advantages.