Neropure produce mirror polished stainless steel insulated water storage tanks that are known for its durability, strength and hygiene qualities. Stay calm and relax the storage tanks are reliable water source that suits your life.

Engineering experience with modern management systems has produced some of the quality water storage tanks which took them to the next level in durability and style.

 Advantage of buying NEROPURE stainless steel water storage water

  • Its water tanks are made up of 100% pure mirror polished imported stainless steel which are healthy alternatives to metal, plastic and concrete containers.
  • Quality raw material is used to manufacture water tanks that are most preferred in food and pharmaceutical industry providing the purest and safest drinking water.
  • The water tanks have high strength and low weight as of which the tank do not bulge or stretch when holding large forces of water and keep it cooler. Whereas plastic tanks do not posses these properties. Plastic tanks get affected in sunlight whereas these water tanks are resistible to sunlight.
  • There is no risk of water born diseases and no growth of bacterial species and fungus.
  • These water tanks don't absorb pollutants and you will not find plastic taste while drinking water.
  • For people who are health and quality conscious these tanks are a perfect choice for them.
  • These water tanks are fully recyclable, durable, safe and environment friendly.
  • It is a onetime investment because of the high durability for long years. These stainless steel water tanks will last beyond time.
  • Low maintenance cost as compared to other water tank.
  • At the end, its scrap value will be more than the original cost.

Our Solution

The quality of stainless steel used in manufacturing water tanks is strong and durable. For food and pharmaceutical processing plants, hospitals the same grade stainless steel is used which is mandatory. These stainless steel tanks can be installed at various industries like solar plants, packaged drinking water plants, home, dairy, food industry, winery & brewery, pharmaceutical processing plants, construction sites etc. They have used right quality of raw material which is why theses tanks have increased life. These tanks are fitted with mosquito proof overflow, air vent and drain valve at the centre of the water tank.

These tanks are heat resistant and leak proof with double layer developed for outdoor installation to keep water in its original state irrespective of the climatic conditions.

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