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OUR Services are = Valuation,Surveying,Engineering and Architecture for you involving. Construction, Power, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Industries, Buildings,Roads, Bridges, Tunnels,Exports, Licensed Valuer, Survey. We do plumber,carpenter,painter work. Neev is both consultant and contractor in Survey works, Valuation, Portacabin design and installation. Interior design, Exterior Desgin. Call Neev to do makeover of your house. Call Neev to build a road. Call Neev to lay down a Power station. 

Just click on Buy online above. Your Billing is done. done by Neev.

Small dreams and Big Dreams. Everyone has some dream.
The term PMC , EPC, BOT, Turn Key is related with Neev. All kinds of Designing in CAD, REVIT, Strucuters in Shop interior. Restaurant on Portacabin. Our services are cost effective. We are the only one who export Agricultural Oils for medicinal and fuel usage. Best Quality all times.With our mentors having more than 30 years of experiecne we have both warmth and grith in our organisation.
  • One point shop for multiple services. Cost effective and demand fullfillment
  • Leveraging from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue-generating opportunities: Engineering & Architect (E&A), project consulting, project management, Engineering & Procurement (E&P), and Engineering & Construction (E&C). Legal Services, Legal Adherence, Lawful and verified. All Orders.
  • The right management team, with strong foundations in marketing, management, finance, and services development.

ON DEMAND SERVICES. Neev builds your dream.Dreams are very inspiring. They motivate us to do great deeds. Every successful man started out with a dream and did whatever was necessary to make those dreams happen. Neev International make dreams happen. At Neev we take work for Portacabin design as per your need. Portacabin installation and transportation is also available on demand .

The problem with setting small dreams and small goals is that there is every chance that you will achieve them and sell yourself short. You have ONE SHOT, ONE LIFE. MAKE IT COUNT. Your dreams are very important to us. Your dreams are our dreams. Neevinternational will leave no stone unturned to make them happen.

Neevinternational will nourish your dreams with our hard work and true commitment. Neevinternational will make your investments grow round the clock and make every dream come true for you.

People fail to achieve to realize their dreams because of negative thinking. Many great deeds have been achieved with the power of positive thinking. There are innumerable rags to riches stories made possible only because of positive thinking. So what are you waiting for, take aim and shoot at the stars.

But here is word of caution. You need the right kind of people around you to make your dreams happen. Negative people will bring you down so steer clear of them. Also you need people who have the expertise to make things happen. You are not going to entrust your dream project to novices are you? Lots of people will claim they know what they are doing but only few really know what is happening.

Neevinternational are the people you can trust. Neevinternational have years of trust between us. Neevinternational have earned this trust by dint of our hard work and willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Neevinternational are on the side of the dreamers. They have our whole hearted support. Neevinternational will make dreams possible. Come with us on this exhilarating ride and get ahead in life beyond your wildest dreams.

Neev International promises that there will be transparency in all its dealings with its clients whether they are in India or abroad. Neevinternational respect local and international laws and will not do anything that is detrimental to our investors or business. Full disclosure will be the norm and not an exception to the rule.

Business Idea and Functionneevinternational does not intend to be a winner. its working together with high ethics and quality is what neevinternational believes. No competiton is there for neevinternational and shall never be. just hand to hand work.

Primary focus is to bridge the gap for rural and urban people. Neevinternational intention is to clear the sabotage of social boundaries. Pick up construction and infrastructure basic amenities for rural and Urban people. Provide Emaculate quality work to both rural and urban people.

Neevinternational does not believe in petty politics. People of Neevinternational people are open heart good people.
Please make sure that Neevinternational has no intention to take any dirty money from anyone.
Neevinternational hopes only to provide simple,justifable and quality service.

Neevinternational is to help in the fields OF: - PROJECT MANAGEMENT, POWER MANAGEMENT, OIL LOGISTICS, AND INFRASTRUCTURE. plus already registered for Management consultancy, manpower RECRUITMENT, Architect services, Construction of residential complex service, Construction services other than residential complex, including commercial/industrial buildings or civil structures, Consulting engineer services, Electricity exchange service, Erection, commissioning and installation Service, Interior decoration/ Designer services, Real estate agent service, Scientific and technical consultancy services, Site formation and clearance, excavation, earth moving and demolition services - B26CA54FE8C7245780A6B5FADA7BA382 ROOT ORGANISATION for all construction,power,oil industries.

Neevinternational wishes to provide more employment opportunities to rural poor. The basic idea is to settle them in their home, where they belong. to the root.
Neevinternational hopes to work beyond boundaries. As the name suggest. INTERNATIONAL..Neevinternational does not consider human boundaries.
Our planet, mother earth. lets together fullfill the service for you. lets work for humanity.

Engineering & Architecture

Basically a Project Management Consultant.Neev International has intention in multiple projects - housing, oil, power, construction, recruitment - ensuring that the corpus is not affected if some projects fail to take off due to any number of reasons. The revenue stream from one project is used in financing the next project, and the next, and the next... and so on.
  • Tender & Contracts
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Oil and Gas
  • Portacabin
  • Construction
  • Projects Consultants
  • Renovation
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Houses
  • Malls
  • Shopping complexes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Neevinternational helps you to build roads, bridges, houses, business complexes, commercial hubs and even multiplexes. Neevinternational take great pride in our work. Every road, bridge, house built by us lasts forever and bears our hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.

Neevinternational build roads, bridges, houses, business complexes, commercial hubs and even multiplexes. Neevinternational take great pride in our work. Every road, bridge, house built by us lasts forever and bears our hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.

Neevinternational also provide our expertise for preparing tenders and other legal documents needed for bidding for a project. Our expert surveyors and project evaluators will provide you a quick estimation about any project related to constructing roads, bridges, malls, shopping complexes, residential areas.

Costing is very important to any project. It is very important to understand working capital requirements for the successful completion of your project. Underestimating your working capital requirements can stall your project indefinitely at a very crucial juncture of your project. Therefore it is important to proceed only after you have made a proper cost projection of your working capital requirements.

Neevinternational also undertake maintenance work of roads, bridges, tunnels, housing and commercial complexes. Roads, bridges tend to wear out after a few years of use and become unfit for use. Without regular maintenance any road or bridge can lose their structure integrity after a few years. Our surveyors provide an evaluation about the health of these assets after checking them for structural integrity among other things.

Neevinternational also provide a full cost estimate for repairing the road, bridge or any other asset lying within the area of our expertise. The repairs are carried out within the time frame provided by us in order to prevent any inconvenience to the public.

Besides all types of construction Neevinternational provide all kinds of documentation, technical writing, accounting and architectural drawing work. Neev International provides a comprehensive range of services to its client right from the initiation of the project to its eventual completion.

Besides providing our expertise in different service areas Neevinternational provide employment opportunities for many youngsters helping them get ahead in life. Neevinternational believe that if you do good then good things happen to you. In this life everything balances out in the end, your good deeds will be rewarded eventually.

The development of a country can be measured by its per capita power consumption. India lags far behind in its per capita power consumption compared to developed countries. The gap between production and demand is only going to increase in the next few years as our population continues to grow at an incredible rate. The government is already on an expansion drive to reduce the gap between production and demand. Private contractors also need to step in to improve the situation.


  1. Reliance Broadcasting Corporation (INTERIORS of OFFICE)
  2. Palash Infrastructure (Plotting cum Resort Project)
  3. Ramky Industries (Road Project)
  5. Hydro Project Sainj Kullu( Kullu Himachal Power Contracting)
  6. Transmission Line( Mahoba, Hamirpur, Yukon China Power Contracting)
  7. Commonwealth Village (Delhi Construction Planning)
  8. Oil Refiniries (Expediting and Replacement of obsolete equipments)
  9. Energy (Renewable Energy and Relevant works)