Neev Energy laid its foundation with an aim to introduce the revolutionary technology. The LED revolution paved its way due to the endless efforts of Neev Energy. It is prominent in the field of finest green lighting technology.

Starting from extensive manufacturing unit, this company devote in establishing sound operations. They also provides valuable assistance in manufacturing of efficient product designs, instant implementing and also offers reliable service infrastructure related to DNA. This manufacturing unit is located in Okhla, industrial area located in New Delhi. Having experience of more than 20 years and several service centres across PAN India.

LED merchandise have associate degree operational lifetime of nearly 5 to 10 times quite the standard lighting. With its pronounced 'longest life' tag describes the large advantage of ease. LED products have all-time low heat & gas emissions and toxicity making it eco-friendly. This encompasses a tremendous impact on the requirement of pure air. LED products consume less power and saves 60% to 70% of power. It also renders best vision clarity and easily integrated with both AC and DC. . With low temperature and infinitely dimmable options it may be used for various applications.

The Super Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) is incomplete without LED Lighting products. TFL shall be concerning 270 million in 2016-17. It's assumed that concerning 33.96 million lighting purposes would get regenerate from standard lighting to LEDs lighting points offering a saving of around 10 -12 Watt per lighting point. In the year 2016-17 the energy saving LED thallium would be around 0.91 billion units. As per the BLY theme the replacement of bulbs by CFL is an ideal idea. The new nascent technology run through crystal rectifier?s bulb would provide giant savings concerning 70-80% by SEEP. Energy savings within the year 2016-17 from sales of 33.96 million crystal rectifier bulbs would be around 3.42 billion units.