Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj KumarMr. Neeraj Kumar is a Senior Statistician with Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He is also acting as the Director of M/s Buzzing Solution, a multi diversified company dealing with Investment banking, HR and Security audits. Buzzing Solution has provided consultancy to The Town of Pecos City & The Government of Sudan for their town planning and various other development activities. In an individual capacity Mr. Kumar has provided financial and statistical consultancy to several international companies such as Jaya Corporation, California, USA; Raks Corporation, Delaware, USA; KSM Import, California, USA; New Nile Company Corporation, London, UK.

He also serves as a strategic campaigner and political advisor to individual candidates. This equips him to be a budget analyst, possesing deep understanding of fundraising systems, grassroot systems and communications system. He is presently a political advisor to active MLAs in various national constituencies.

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Neeraj Kumar