Established in 2008, WINTECH India Limited has, over the years, grown to become one of India’s leading manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors.

WINTECH is India’s leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors that are specially designed to suit the climatic and environmental conditions in our country. Currently, WINTECH provides uPVC solutions to over 75,000 homes in India.
Headquartered in Hyderabad, WINTECH currently manufactures over 4000 tons of uPVC profiles a year and is equipped to meet customer requirements irrespective of their location. WINTECH has also trained and developed the largest network of dedicated fabricators in the country.

NCL WINTECH has manufacturing units in Hyderabad and Chennai and marketing offices in all metros and major cities across India. Ever since our inception in 2008, we have strived to deliver innovative products and the best customer experience, thanks to our dedicated and skilled team.

WINTECH windows are made from superior quality unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) which is one of the toughest polymers. The greatest advantage of WINTECH is its natural resistance to extreme environments which makes it a class apart from ordinary windows. So be it the harsh summer heat, the chilling winters, the heavy rains or strong winds; WINTECH windows can withstand everything without a sign of wear.

A global brand with internationally-proven technology, WINTECHs state-of-the-art design ensures that you fit it once and stay in peace by keeping undesirable external elements outside.

Installing a WINTECH window is as easy as picking up your phone. No moving around markets, no chasing the carpenters and no bargaining. All you have to do is call our window designers and they will take all the pain of installing your window, right from concept to commissioning.

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ZAK, Bangalore 2008

APREDA, Hyderabad 2011

ACETECH, Chennai 2011

ACETECH, Bangalore 2010

WINTECH A leader in uPVC window and door systems in India offers solutions that are soundproof, dustproof, weatherproof, energy efficient and eco-friendly. With a countrywide presence, WINTECH has already provided uPVC windows and doors to over 75,000 homes in India. Our windows and doors are specially designed to suit the harsh climatic and environmental conditions in India.